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The MSI provides current information for producers in many areas of sheep production. Please check back frequently for new articles and news items.

Lisa Surber at Montana Sheep Institute booth in Helena, MT.


Sorting Lines of Wool with the OFDA2000

Using Ultrasound Estimates of Loin Muscle Measurements to Obtrain Weight-adjusted Ribeye Area in Targhee Rams

Developing Grazing Prescriptions for Spotted Knapweed

Breeding Objectives for Western Range Sheep Industry

ASI Recognized Dr. Rodney Kott

MSU researchers run their fingers through wool looking for solutions

Ultrasound Measurements in Sheep

Ram Selection - Why Use Genetic Records?

Crews collect pooled wool on sweep across E. Montana

Photo Feature: Sheep fleeced at MSU ranch's shearing days

The Sheep Shearing School

Montana Wool Laboratory

Sure Micron testing is important, but what else should I look for?

Selecting Rams for Wool Production

Buying and Breeding Ewes

Leafy Spurge and Sheep Grazing

Gate to Plate

Gate to Plate Lamb Photos

Profit Index Article

U.S. Targhee Sheep Association names three to Hall of Fame

MSU tries to avert sheep shearer shortage

Environment and grain growers' friend: Sheep offer more than warm fuzzy wool

Products approved to fight bluetongue in Montana sheep

Multimedia Feature: MSU hosts sheep shearing school near Norris

Lambs learn to eat Dalmation toadflax by watching Mom at pasture potluck

U.S. Targhee Sheep Association names three to Hall of Fame

Across Montana, sheep make short work of weeds

Sheep Institute a natural step toward weed control

Rams eat their way to the finish in Montana Central Ram Test

Shearing School students pick up clippers out of shear necessity

Montana Wool Growers Association annual meetings

2007 Montana Sheep Institute Update

2006 Montana Sheep Institute Update

Data from the "Gate to Plate" demonstration

MSU Extension agents bring back sheep shearing tips from New Zealand

Sheep turn into weed eaters for fallow field experiments

Montana Weed Control Association annual meetings

Slides from Montana Weed Control Association annual meeting

ASI Monthly News

First-Ever Convention Research Symposium a Success

Sheep and Goat Conference a Successful Event

Targeted Grazing Workshop Educates Producers/Land Managers Alike

Lambs Trained to COnsume Toadflax

Spotted Knapweed No Match for Wooly Weed Eaters in Montana

Applying the Concepts of Targeted Grazing

Future Breed Genetics Determined at Central Performance Tests

If You Think You Know American Wool, Think Again

EPDs Positively Impact Sheep Sales

Summer visit to Bozeman - The Procurment Officials of the 4 branches of U.S. military

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